GEYA FLN36-12D Sulfur Hexafluoride Load…


FLN36-12D type indoor high-voltage AC load switch is the medium voltage switch equipment consulting international newtechnologies and in accordance with the relevant standard of the power system. Its performance index completely meetsIEC420, 694, 129 and national standard of GB3804-2004 3.6kV-0.5kV High-voltage AC Load Switch, GB1985-2004 High-voltage
AC Isolating Switch and Grounding Switch, GB/T11022-1999 Common Technological Requirements for High-voltage Switchgearand Control Equipment Standards and it is the main switch component of ring main unit.
This load switch is multi-functional medium voltage switch equipment combining integration brake, breaking brake and thegrounding. Fill 0.05MPa gas of SF6 in a fully-enclosed epoxy shell with strengthening structure. The minimal parts are beingused to realize the above three functions to guarantee product quality, improve reliability, avoid maintenance.

Basic functions and features

1.The load switch applies double fracture and rotary contact structure. It has three operational statuses: switch on, switch outand ground connection.
2.It applies SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulating media. The main circuit is sealed on the upper and lower shell of theepoxy and its conductivity is not subject to the influence of external environment.
3.Its safety performance is good. If arching occurs in the interior part, the weak spot within the interior part of the shell will burstthrough. And then the ARC discharging open is burst through and directs the gas out of the cabinet to guarantee the safecheck of the safety cabinet.
4.Load switch combines circuit breaker, opening and grounding switch to epoxy shell filled with SF6 gas