GEYA Double Delay Time Relay GRT8-2T Industrial Control

-For gradual switching of heavy powers (e.g. el.heating), prevents current strokes in the main.
■Function Features
-2x Delay ON (2 time relays in one)
-Time scale 0.1s – 10 days divided into 10 time ranges:
0.1s – 1s / 1s – 10s / 0.1min – 1min / 1min – 10min / 0.1h – 1h / 1h – 10hrs
/ 0.1 day – 1 day / 1 day – 10 days / ON / OFF.
-Times t1 and t2 are independantly adjustable.
-t1 and t2 are switched on after supply voltage connection
-Relay status is indicated by LED.
-1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.
■ Model and connotation
Rated control supply voltage: A230:AC230V W240:AC/DC12V-240V
2T: Double time delay relay GRT8 Series


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