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EV Charger

GEYA specializes in the production of modular electric terminal devices for domestic and similar applications. And is one of the EV charger manufacturers in China. We have supplied businesses all over the world with the best quality solar products for commercial and domestic use.

ev charger

GEYA Made EV Chargers Products

We offer a broad extend of EV chargers, counting domestic chargers, open chargers, and commercial chargers suitable based on their use. Single Phase EV Charger and Three Phase EV Charger are GEYA’s trademarks when it comes to high-quality Electronic Vehicle chargers.

Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Electric Equipment Market

Our products meet the most noteworthy universal measures, in expansion to advertising a broad run of choices. We utilize as it were the most recent, most progressed solar innovations in our products. We offer a broad run of solar equipment, from panels to inverters and storage batteries.  With our intelligent chargers, wide compatibility, and most extreme proficiency, you’ll believe us to keep your commerce running perfectly.

Latest Manufacturing Practices

As one of the levels 3 EV charger manufacturers, we are always looking for better approaches to innovating and improving their items. We will continue to provide high-quality solar hardware with cutting-edge innovation.

100% Tested EV Chargers

With our EV chargers, you'll be able to anticipate a long time of dependable utilization with negligible requirements for upkeep or repairs. Long life expectancy is one of the foremost critical angles of an EV charger.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society With Premium Quality EV Chargers & Other Electric Products!

GEYA EV Chargers are widely used and frequently found near restaurants, retail malls, parking lots, and other public locations. There are three kinds of GEYA EV chargers: quick, fast, and slow.

Simplify Power Distribution

GEYA EV Chargers offer real-time information on energy consumption. When necessary, GEYA's EV charging station makes use of extra solar energy.

Reduce Overall Cost

The pure copper core of GEYA's EV chargers, which can withstand temperatures as low as -22°F/-30°C and can be used for extended periods, makes them cheaper to fuel and maintain than gas vehicles.

Great Flexibility

The GEYA EV charger has a Nema 6-20 plug or a Nema 14-50 plug and can charge your vehicle 4 or 8 times faster than any other 8A level 1 EV charger you've ever used.

Consultation & Planning

GEYA, which is the biggest manufacturer of EV charging stations, has specialized researchers who seek analyse alternative smart- charging systems to maximize the advantages and minimize the hazards associated with a general expansion in EV charging.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your Best
EV Chargers Supplier Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022

In recent years, GEYA has been actively engaged in the national key projects, including the construction of substations and distribution stations

Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

GEYA has more than 30 patents for products and technologies such as busbar, overvoltage arresters, and so on.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

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Frequently Aksed Questions

At its most basic, an EV charger draws an electrical current from a 240v outlet or the grid to which it is connected and provides it to the car, much like any other appliance or gadget that is charged by plugging it into the wall.

An electric car charger takes use of communication networks to automatically include two-way energy flow, allowing electric vehicle batteries to be used as a utility resource.

Smart charging must be one of the benefits of GEYA EV chargers, it has a system in which an electric car and a charging device communicate via data, as well as the charging equipment and a charging operator.

Every GEYA EV charger draws power from the grid and provides it to the electric car through a connection or socket. To power its electric motor, electric vehicle stores that electricity in a massive battery pack.

Definitely, GEYA offers to customize EV chargers for different types of electric vehicles, depending on its brand, DC/AC output, and consumption to cater to a larger scale of consumers both home and commercial use.

Depending on the brand, the warranty on electric car charging equipment ranges from one to three years. At GEYA, we provide a one-year guarantee on all installations. If something goes wrong with your equipment or installation, we’re only a phone call away.

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