Double Delay Time Relay

For gradual switching of heavy powers (e.g. el.heating), prevents current strokes in the main.

GEYA Double Delay Time Relay is for gradual switching of heavy powers like heating and prevents current strokes in the main.

It has protection and monitoring of motors with integrated PTC thermistor temperature sensors. It has a range of phase loss and phase failure monitoring relays.

GEYA Double Delay Time Relay has motor monitoring for heavy starting, high switching frequency, single phase operation, high ambient temperature, and insufficient cooling.

It has solid state thyristor output, simple two wire connection, and flame-retardant housing.

GEYA Double Delay Time Relay has a professional range of single and three phase supply monitors that are feature rich for industrial and agricultural use.

The range covers phase loss/phase reversal and phase unbalance. It is available with under and over voltage, adjustable time delay, LED indications and base DIN rail mounting.


  • For gradual switching of heavy powers (e.g. el.heating), prevents current

strokes in the main.

Function Features

  • 2x Delay ON (2 time relays in one)
  • Time scale 0.1s – 10 days divided into 10 time ranges:

0.1s – 1s / 1s – 10s / 0.1min – 1min / 1min – 10min / 0.1h – 1h /  1h – 10hrs

/ 0.1 day – 1 day / 1 day – 10 days / ON /  OFF.

  • Times t1 and t2 are independently adjustable.
  • t1 and t2 are switched on after supply voltage connection
  • Relay status is indicated by LED.
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.
Technical parameters



2x Delay ON

Supply terminals


Voltage range

AC/DC 12-240V(50-60Hz)


AC 0.09-3VA/DC 0.05-1.7W

Voltage range

AC 230V(50-60Hz)

Power input

AC max.6VA/1.9W

Supply voltage tolerance


Supply indication

green LED

Time Ranges


Time setting


Time deviation

10%-mechanical setting

Repeat accuracy

0.2%-set value stability

Temperature coefficient




Current rating


Switching voltage


Min.breaking capacity DC


Output indication

red LED

Mechanical life


Electrical life(AC1)


Reset time


Operating temperature

-20℃ to+55℃(-4℉to131℉)

Storage temperature

-35℃ to+75℃(-22℉to158℉)

Mounting/DIN rail

Din rail EN/IEC 60715

Protection degree

IP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals

Operating position


Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Max.cable size(mm 2)

solid wire max.1×2.5or 2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5(AWG 12)






EN 61812-1,IEC6947-5-1


Geya: Your Leading Double Delay Time Relay Supplier

GEYA Double Delay Time Relay has a wide auxiliary supply voltage, wide input voltage and has LED indications for healthy, unhealthy or no signal. With over frequency or under/over frequency version which monitors frequency of Sine, square and triangular signals.

GEYA Double Delay Time Relay combines a range of timing functions that are easily selected on the front of the timer. The time range is also selectable on the front and the timer will work at any voltage.

Our Double Delay Time Relay has a wide power supply range greatly reduces the number of timer models kept in stock. It also has a wide range of applications with multiple operating modes for each pin models.

With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards. At GEYA, we strive to give you the best Double Delay Time Relay that guarantees safety, high strength and reliability.

By choosing GEYA Double Delay Time Relay, clients are assured of one-off protection from all environmental conditions. GEYA has hundreds of designs of Double Delay Time Relay both custom and standard designs. For more information about our Double Delay Time Relay, talk to our technical team today.

Double Delay Time Relay Dimensions



Double Delay Time Relay Functions and Diagram

Functions Diagram


Double Delay Time Relay Model and Connotation

Model and connotation


Double Delay Time Relay Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram