Current Sensing Relay

Serves for monitoring of heating in rail-switches, heating cables, consumption of one-phase motors, indicates current flow.

GEYA Current Sensing Relay has a range of manufacturing and production processes relay on current-operated relays to provide a continuously adjustable trip-current setting.

They are able to protect mechanical apparatus from jam-up or other overloading conditions that result in measurable increases in motor current. They sense current levels and provide an output signal when a specified current level is reached.

GEYA Current Sensing Relays are used to signal high-current conditions such as a clogged grinder. Identifies low-current conditions such as a pump that has encountered a low water condition.

The motor is drawing to feed the current to a programmable logic controller (PLC). It has a wide range of devices and options currently available to designers, installers and maintenance professionals, including plug-in style, base mounted, DIN-rail mount, and donut style.

GEYA Current Sensing Relays are capable of sensing both AC and DC current, sensing thousands of AC amperes with a current transformer (CT).

The current setpoints can be fixed or adjustable which fix or adjust internal time relays. It protects equipment from overcurrent. Our current sensing relay can provide maximum production capacity and prevents overloading.

ModelGRI8 seriers
Function mode 01:Overcurrent


03:Overcurrent  or  Undercurrent

04:Over/Undercurrent in windows mode

Current range(AC)0.5:0.05-0.5A






Geya: Your Top Current Sensing Relay Supplier

GEYA Current Sensing Relay safeguarding equipment from undercurrent and prevents power outages from ground faults. Its de-energized circuits prior to performing works and adjust ground-fault systems when installing equipment.

It provides low-level ground-fault protection on both individual motors and the main breakers. In this type of electrical arrangement, both the low-level motors and the main breaker are equipped with ground fault protection.

At GEYA, we strive to give you the best Current Sensing Relay that guarantees safety, high strength and reliability. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

By choosing GEYA Current Sensing Relay, clients are assured of one-off protection from all environmental conditions. GEYA has hundreds of designs of Current Sensing Relay, both custom and standard designs. For more information about our Current Sensing Relay, talk to our technical team today.