Current Relay

current relay
  • Current Range(AC): 0.05A-16A
  • Voltage Range: AC/DC 24V-240V(50Hz-60Hz)
  • Function:Over currunt,under current
  • Reset: Auto-reset,lock

All Types Geya Current Relay

GEYA Current Relay is used on single phase, fractional horsepower motors requiring low starting torque. Their main function is to assist in starting the motor. It can be used in conjunction to boost both starting and running torque. Our current relay is suitable for refrigerators, drinking fountains, small window air conditioners, smaller ice machines, and smaller supermarket display cases.

GEYA Current Relay is a high quality normally open starting relay, high current, and high-power automotive relay. It can add resistance or protection diode on both ends of the coil. It has two kinds of load such as intermittent load and continuous load. Widely used on automotive, oversize vehicles and other large vehicles for starting, also could use on the high-current current control system of a large variety.

Why Geya Current Relay

  • True RMS measurement.
  • 18module design relay, small size.Rail mount
  • The timer relay voltage range AC/DC 24V-240V(50Hz-60Hz)
  • Possible to use for current scanning from the current transformer.

Geya: Your Best Current Relay

GEYA Current Relay simplifies humidifier installation on furnaces without accessories terminal. Works with any humidifier proving circuit with either humidistat or thermostat control. It can help electrical professionals troubleshoot power quality problems more effectively.

It provides a continuously adjustable trip-current setting. They are able to protect mechanical apparatus from jam-up or other overloading conditions that result in measurable increases in motor current.

GEYA current relay provides an output signal when a specified current level is reached. Our Current relay is used to signal high-current conditions, such as a clogged grinder. It identifies low-current conditions such as a pump that has encountered a low water condition. A current relay is drawing to feed the current to a programmable logic controller.

At GEYA, we understand the need for keeping all devices safe, while making your business competitive.

With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

Additionally, GEYA engineers help clients in choosing the best materials depending on the application.

As a leading Current Relay manufacturer, GEYA adheres to a strict quality electrical process.

Feel free to contact us for custom made and affordable Current Relay.