GEYA Current Monitoring Relay GRL8-02-Industrial Control

-Serves for monitoring of heating in rail-switches, heating cables, consumption of one-phase motors, indicates current flow
■Function Features
-Adjustable delay 0.5 – 10 s to eliminate short current peaks.
-Flexible adjustment by potentiometer, choice of 6 ranges:
AC 0.05-0.5A; AC 0.1-1A; AC 0.2-2A; AC 0.5-5A; AC 0.8-8A; AC 1.6-16A
-Possible to use for current scanning from current transformer.
-Universal supply AC 24 – 240 V or DC 24 V.
-Relay status is indicated by LED.
-1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.
■Moder and connotation
Current range:
0.5:0.05-0.5A 1:0.1-1A 2:0.2-2A
5:0.5-5A 8:0.8-8A 16:1.6-16A

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