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Best Solid State Relay Manufacturer of 2023

Looking for in-demand solid-state relay manufacturers? We have collected the best Solid State Relay companies in the industry who offer the leading custom specification for all their Solid State Relay that they need. And the types and materials used by available Solid State Relay are covered in detail in this reference. Just keep an eye on here!

Due to continuous improvements in overall economic growth and developments in several big states and countries around the world, the usage and demand for electrical and automation components rises. This anticipated situation fuels the growth of different solid-state relay manufacturers globally.
Manufacturers increase their production capacities to make more customized and reliable relays for their consumers in different sectors.
Solid State Relay Manufacturer of 2023

Solid State Relay Manufacturer of 2023 Market Overview

The rising demand for automation and digitalization in the electronics, healthcare, and other end-user industries is driving the growth of Solid State Relays in the market. The global SSR market was valued at USD 970 million in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 1 680 million in global sales in the market by 2032. They got a registering growth of 6.7 during the forecast period. In the automotive sector, the growing adoption of solid-state relays in speed-controlling units, electric car batteries, and other low-maintenance and compact automotive parts will further create a conducive environment for the continuous growth of SSR in the market. Furthermore, these advancements in consumer electronics and semiconductor sectors will propel the demand for SSRs in the market. Also, the technological advancement in the power infrastructure of SSRs increases the sales of solid-state relays, especially across the US.

Leading Solid State Relay Manufacturer

Here are some of the leading solid-state relay brands/manufacturers now in the industry:

BCH Electric Limited Solid State Relay

BCH Electric Limited was built in 1965 as a joint wander between Cutler-Hammer, USA, and India accomplices. Since 1977, it could be an entirely claimed Indian Company with worldwide business associations. The company’s to begin with plant is found at Faridabad, close to Delhi, on a 15-acre plot with a secured range of over 2,50,00 square feet, utilizing over 700 faculty with completely present-day fabricating offices. In continuation of its approach of proceeded ventures in electrical products, BCH Electric Limited Solid State Relay catalog has set up another state-of-the-art manufacturing plant spread over 12 sections of land in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand in 2010.
They demonstrated the extent of Industrial Contractors, Overload Relays, Motor starters, Breakers, Limit Switches, Plugs & Sockets, Industrial Enclosures, Power Distribution, and PPC & MCC over a long time, gotten to be well acknowledged. All the products adjust to the most recent national and worldwide measures, counting naming for most of them.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
BCH Electric Limited
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
O.P Bhartia

Opto Solid State Relay

Opto 22 was founded in 1974, by the engineer-designer of the best solid-state relay in history. They are a non-corporate organization that offers the best quality SSRs, fosters individual responsibility, quick and quality customer response, and fast development of cutting-edge products. Opto 22 Solid State Relays are famous for their quality and supreme reliability. Opto products are manufactured and individually tested to ensure quality and control from the ground up.
Opto also offers custom-made components 100% suited to your needs. They design and integrate automation systems for your SSRs.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Temecula, California
Bob Engman

POWER-IO Solid State Relays

Power-IO has been in the industrial automation, lighting control, and power-switching application industry for over 60 years. They were formed in order to expand the use of solid-state power-switching technology in automation applications.
Power-IO offers fast solid-state relays with custom-designed products that are incorporated with power switching. They use oversized dies for stronger amperage surge capability and design custom heatsinks that result in outstanding performance in industrial or commercial environments. Power-IO solid state relays have custom interfaces for vac control inputs, VDC control inputs, Modbus communications, DeviceNet multi-drop communication, and more. They have in-depth industry experience to resolve technical questions quickly and accurately.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Naperville, Illinois
John Walsh

Teledyne SSRs

Teledyne Defence Electronics provides switching solutions for test and measurement equipment, industrial controls, and military and space applications. Teledyne SSRs have ultraminiature surface mountable relays that are top-notch and perfect for high frequency and high output applications. They also offer industrial solid-state relays for precise heating, lighting, and motor control. They focus on QPL and COTS electromechanical relays, SSRs, electromechanical relays, Microwave relays, industrial SSRs, reed relays, and switching matrices. Teledyne solid state relays are top-class quality SSR that is used and trusted by over a million consumers/users of Teledyne products around the world.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Teledyne Defense Electronics
Rancho Cordova, California
George C. Bobb III

Rockwell Solid State Relays

Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation. They integrate solid state relay working principle control and information across the enterprise to help industrial SSR components, consumers, and users. They have a unique approach to understanding opportunities and productivity. With their technology and expertise, they are able to deliver positive business outcomes which are most important to their consumers. They simplify consumer experience with every step from initial solution development through services and support.
Rockwell solid-state relays are premium-grade SSR. This gives Rockwell the title of being one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Because they provide only the best quality products with top-notch quality assurance processes. They are trusted by all their consumers and clients worldwide.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Rockwell Automation
1201 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204, USA
Blake Moret


MCR inc. is a well-established manufacturer and exporter of temperature, time, humidity control, and automation products like solid-state relays. They have unparalleled sophistication and expertise in the said industries. They are ISO-certified companies with a lot of international approvals. MCR factories have a dozen of the latest production equipment and a number of specialized production lines.
MCR Inc. SSR has a top-notch quality assurance process that is not just targeting a single piece of the control device in their factory but absolutely will meet customers’ demand on specifications. Because they commit to offering full service of total satisfaction to all their customers.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Suite A Brighton, CO.USA

Eaton Solid State Relay

Eaton is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. They are a power management company that has been serving over 175 countries worldwide for over 100 years. Eaton focuses on energy-efficient products and quality customer service. Services that help effectively manage electrical and mechanical power systems with superior reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.
Eaton solid state relays is a high-quality SSR that offers a long service lifespan due to its reliability. Eaton relay panel can be custom fitted depending on the application it will serve. Eaton helps all their consumers by providing them with the best quality tools to use and also helps its company clients to do their business more sustainably.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
New Jersey, United States
Craig Arnold

Sensitron Solid State Relay

Sensitron has been in the automation and switchgear industry for over 50 years. They are one of the leading manufacturers of high-reliability power electronic component solutions for the industrial, defense, aerospace, and medical markets. Sensitron Solid State Relays are lightweight, rugged, and cost-effective solutions for switching supplies, AC-DC rectification, primary and secondary distribution, custom applications, and many more.
Sensitron has expert staff and experienced engineers whose specialties include electrical and mechanical design, packaging, and testing. From engineering design to finished products, they provide the best innovative product application to meet your power system requirement.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
100 Engineers Road Hauppauge, NY
Paddi Kesavan

IDEC Solid State Relays

IDEC was founded in the year 1947. They have over 70 years of experience and expertise in the automation, electrical components, and power distribution industries. They design and build products that will make direct interactions between people and machines safer, more efficient, and more productive way. One of the best and most innovative products on their list is their IDEC Solid State Relays.
IDEC offers the best solutions for each customer through collaborations of people to people and technology to technology. They are backed by traditional values, the latest technology, and the most advanced production processes. Their official IDEC relay distributors can be located through their IDEC directory.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Kita-ku, Osaka
Izumi Shokai

HB Controls SSR

HB Controls is a dedicated company that focuses on simplifying the lives of its customers by providing a wide range of best quality, eco-friendly, customized power controllers and solid-state relays. They also provide an exceptional customer service experience and give them all that they deserve as client-consumers.
HB Controls team has an expert who will design and manufacture your custom-fit solid-state power controllers. They commit to offering quality products and understanding the need of the market with reliable products with a long service span. HB Controls SSR is utilized highly efficiently, custom-designed, and has critical components to remain specified with parameters, allowing safe, reliable operations in all possible applications. You can access, buy and use their products by just contacting HB Controls Distributors worldwide.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
HB Controls
18 Rosary Ln, Bldg 2 Hyannis, MA
Jonathan Preu

What is a Solid State Relay

Solid-state relays are components used to control electrical loads without the use of moving parts. SSRs are not very different from mechanical relays that have moving contacts. This employs semiconductor switching elements such as thyristors, triacs, diodes, and transistors. SSRs turn ON/OFF signals, currents, or voltages electronically by the operation of these electronic circuits. SSRs commonly consist of the resistor, LED, photocoupler, capacitor, power transistor for DC loads, power MOS Fet for AC loads, thyristor, and triac for AC loads.

Types of Solid-State Relay

Solid State Relays have different types depending on the applications and switching methods. They have Instant ON SSR, Zero Switching SSR, Peak Switching SSR, and Analog Switching SSR.

Instant ON SSR

Instant ON SSR instantly switches ON the load circuit when a sufficient input voltage is applied. This king SSR turns off when the input voltage is removed. It is designed to control inductive loads. This is usually applied to contractors, magnetic valves, starters, etc.

Zero Switching SSR

This kind of SSR switches ON when the input voltage is applied and the load AC crosses the next zero voltage and switches off if the input voltage is removed and the load AC reaches zero volts. Zero Switching relays are mainly designed for controlling resistive loads. Commonly used in temperature of heating elements, soldering irons, and ovens.

Peak Switching SSR

Peak Switching SSR is a relay that switches on when the output AC reaches its peak after applying the required control input voltage and turns off after the removal of the input control voltage and the output AC current crosses zero. This kind of SSR is used in the control of switching of transformers, large motors, and high inductive loads.

Analog Switching SSR

The analog switching SSR depends on the amplitude of the input voltage. Analog Switching SSR’s starting voltage is proportional to the input control voltage. This type of SSR switches off when the input voltage is removed and the output of ac current crosses zero. This is usually equipped with a synchronizing solid-state relay circuit that controls the amount of output voltage.

Material Used in Solid-State Relay Manufacturing

A solid-state relay usually consists of a coil of wire wrapped around a soft iron core or a solenoid, an iron yoke, a movable iron armature, and one to two sets of contacts.

Coil of Wire/Solenoid

It is a common electrical component that uses wires that is tightly wrapped around a certain core. This is usually made up of metal to generate an electromagnetic field. This is where electrical current is passed and provides energy for linear motion.


Electrical contacts are electrically controlled switches that complete or interrupt affecting electrical currents. This carries higher current loads and is designed to be directly connected to high-voltage needs. Solid-state relays have one to two contacts.

Movable Iron Armature

The movable iron armature is one of the major components of SSRs. This springs back to its position, a mechanism used for all SSR inside components. With this, the SSRs close, break the switch and start the cycle again. This is made up of a soft iron which can also induce magnetism rapidly.

Iron Yoke

This component of solid-state relays provides a low reluctance path for magnetic flux.

Things to Consider when Choosing the right Solid State Relay for your Use

SSRs are used in a wide variety of applications. Here are some of the technical tips on selecting the best solid-state relay solution for your control system.

Your Load Current and Voltage

In choosing the right SSR for your control system, you should determine first the maximum AC or DC voltage and current for your loads. With this, you can properly choose your proper solid-state relay.

Required Control Voltage

SSRs have a wide range of input control signals. They have a large range of regulated AC and DC input voltage which is important to determine beforehand.

How Many Poles Do You Wish to Switch

In selecting SSR for your control system, you should know how many poles are going to be switched o loads. For a single-phase AC load you will need a one-pole AC SSR. For three-phase AC loads, you’ll need to decide if you want to switch all three phases to the load or just switch the two-phase and directly connect the third phase.

What Type of Load do You Have

Every load type will function better with certain types of SSRs. Resistive load type is best for zero-cross SSR, random SSRs are ideal for inductive tools, and DC loads require DC solid-state relays.

Things to consider in Choosing the Right Solid-State Relay Manufacturer

There are several factors to consider when choosing your solid-state relay manufacturer. It is a crucial decision to make because the quality of your SSR may affect your overall control system. All solid-state relay manufacturers offer different scopes and kinds of customization according to your need. Manufacturers often let consumers custom-fit their SSRs depending on their project applications by listing all the specifications they needed. Below are other key factors to consider in choosing an SSR manufacturer.


Cost is the main factor to consider in choosing the right solid-state relay suppliers. The price of your SSR will be based on the type and other customization you need. The supplier often offers this kind of service but will charge additional payment according to the specifications made. Suppliers also have a minimum or a maximum number of orders that will also affect the cost.


In finding your solid-state supplier, you also need to ask about the benefits you’ll be gaining. From the quality of the product, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and even warranty.

Rank your Options

Make a list of all your solid-state relay providers/manufacturers and rank it according to the two factors given above. Cross out the least and do more research for the leading company then conduct another layer of examination based on testimonies and portfolios of your chosen manufacturers/providers.


Solid-state relays have found acceptance in a wide number of applications. SSRs demonstrated the advantages of semiconductor switching in the convenient form and it has been realized that it has characteristics that require ensuring reliable operations. With SSRs, installers-users do not have any mechanical contact and moving parts and have a longer electrical and mechanical expectancy and reliability. This guide will help you know more about the main information to understand the role of solid state relays in automation and electrical applications. It will also help you choose the best SSR for your control system and provide you with a list of recommended manufacturers/suppliers in the industry.

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