Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)for PV

  • Rated current: 16~100A
  • Rated voltage: 400VAC
  • Number of poles: 2-4 poles
  • Insulation voltage:  690VAC
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8KV
  • Mechanical life: 5000times
  • Electrical life: 2000times

All Types of Geya Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for PV

Why Geya Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

  • Compact in structure, reliable in transfer, convenient in installation and maintenance, and has a long life expectancy. 
  • The size of the product is more compact, meets the different installation requirements of customers.
  • Ensure the continuity, reliability, and safety of the power supply.
  • Widely used in various occasions where continuous power failure is not allowed

Geya: Your Best Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Manufacturer

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