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AC Contactor Manufacturer

GEYA is one of the leading air conditioning (AC) contactor manufacturers in the electrical devices market. We’ve been providing high-quality alternating current contactor for 20 years and serving over a million customer-client users around the globe. With GEYA AC contactor functionality and special features, it is used and trusted by residential, commercial, and industrial electrical project holders for vast applications.

GEYA Made Alternating Current Contactor

GEYA only offers premium quality AC Contactor products. Our GEYA AC electromagnetic contactor is widely known for its reliability and special features that surely make it convenient for our customer-clients.
We in GEYA commit to maintaining the quality of all our products by ensuring every air conditioner part we produce will undergo to series of quality assurance tests before releasing it to the market. GEYA also complies with international and industry standards for consistent world-class quality products.

Leading AC Contactor Manufacturer in the Electric Equipment Market!

GEYA’s number one goal is to satisfy our customers by providing quality products and services. We believe as one of the leading alternating current contactor providers, we in GEYA must continue to have extensive product research and development for the overall advancement of our products.

Latest Manufacturing Practices

GEYA's AC unit contactors and other products were manufactured using our latest manufacturing technology and machinery. With continuous investment in technology advancement and manpower, GEYA believes that our products will be on top of others.

100% Tested AC Contactors

We in GEYA ensures that every AC magnetic contactor and other products we provide will undergo a series of test for quality assurance before delivery. Our company also conducts random testing in our products' various stages during production to ensure premium quality.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society with Premium Quality AC Contactor and Other Electric Products!

GEYA has been in the industry for almost 20 years, and with this experience, we accumulated rich experience and expertise in providing AC parts and components like AC contactors. From product research and development to product manufacturing up to strict quality assurance processes, we are sure to provide only premium quality products.


GEYA AC power contactor is installed with 35mm, 75mm type DIN rail. It is also lightweight and has a very low power consumption which gives it a long life span, security safety, and reliability.

Premium Grade Materials

Our AC power contactor produce with only quality materials. High-grade VO plastics for coil frame, high-quality enameled wire with heat resistance of QA-1/155, and an edge silver layer to increase thickness and durability. With these quality materials, our AC products are able to handle specified power and ensure a long span of product reliability.

Refined Functions and Special Features

GEYA 2-pole AC contactor has an auxiliary contact group that gives an air delay head and a mechanical quality interlocking mechanism for a futuristic approach to the overall product view. It also has A1 and A2 coil wiring terminals for upper and lower type applications

Consultation & Planning

We provide professional consultation on products and raw materials according to your needs. We also help you choose the right model by recommending different types of busbars based on your project's requirements.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your AC Magnetic Contactor Manufacturer Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value to our Clients Through Ongoing Product and Innovation
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022
GEYA has been in the industry for over 20 years, providing only quality products with the most competitive price in the market. GEYA gives our customer-clients quality electrical components with the best features, functions, and reliability without damaging their project budget that much.
Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

GEYA is ISO 9001-2008 certified company and has over 30 patents and certifications in the electrical industry to ensure all our products and technologies like AC magnetic contactor are in international and industry standards.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

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Frequently Aksed Questions

AC Contactor is like a switch located in your air conditioning unit that provides power to components such as the compressor and condenser fan and turns your AC unit ON and OFF.

AC contactors can fail mechanically or electrically. One of the signs of a failing ac contactor is when your condenser unit is not shutting down even if your thermostat is set to power off. On a mechanical aspect, your ac contactor may fail if something has gotten into it such as debris or pests that prevent it from working. AC contactor may also fail electrically if the coil of your contractor was damaged when insulation between wires breaks down.

– Coil and Electromagnet, are the most crucial components of an AC contactor. Coil or the electromagnet of a contractor provides the driving force required to close contact on an AC unit these are usually protected by an enclosure.
– Enclosure, provides insulation and protection from personnel touching the contacts when in maintenance. The protective enclosure is made of different materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, nylon 6, thermosetting plastic, bakelite, and others. Open-frame contractor features an additional enclosure that protects the device from weather, dust, oil or even hazards of explosion.
– Contacts, this is the current carrying component of an AC contactor. Contacts also have different types with different individual roles to play, namely contact springs, auxiliary contacts, and power contacts.

An electromagnet is exciting the current passing through the contractor. An excited electromagnet produces a magnetic field causing the contractor core to move the armature. An NC completes the circuit between fixed contacts and moving contacts, this permits the current to pass through contacts to load. When the current is removed the coil is de-energized and opens the circuit.
How long does the AC contactor last?
With good maintenance and a good quality AC contactor, this device might last for 5 to 10 years. This may also vary depending on maintenance service schedules, and quarterly or annual check-ups.

Yes, when it comes to custom-made electrical components specific to your electrical project, GEYA and our team of experts will help you.

We won’t let you down, upon purchasing any item on us, GEYA will be giving you a 12-month coverage of use and test all you want a warranty for any manufacturing defect just take note we do not cover user-inflicted damages.

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