About GR Series

About GR Series

The new specialized range of relays at GEYA Electrical, aimed to satisfy the most unique requirements of your applications by innovating in design, engineering and development.

Meet the all members of the GR series:

•35mm Din-Rail mounting;

•17.5mm modular enclosure;

•Full range with LED status indicators;

•Compliant with the highest standards, CE, CB and CCC certified.

Analog time relay


  • High Power 1 x 16A
    • Greater capacity to withstand surge or inrush current than standard timers due to higher current capacity
    • Offers special functions Latching (Alternating)(TL) and Delayed Latching (Alternating)(Tt) allowing the output relay with a voltage signal to be turned on and off
  • Double Output 2 x 16A
    • Instantaneous or timed relay in a slim package
    • Instantaneous Option: Turn on one output instantaneously and the second output with a time delay to allow different loads to be switched-on gradually
    • Timed Option: Select the two output relays working together and reduce costs by controlling different loads with the same device
  • Program the timer to work from little as 0.1 second delay to long as a 10-day delay (240 hours)
  • Single or Multi-function
    • Select between a multifunction version with the 10 most popular functions or single functional version
  • International certificationscompliant with the highest standards, GR series 17.5mm timers are CB, CE and CCC certified

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