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3 Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay

GEYA Monitoring Relay could be a protective control device that is the essential capacity to get input signals, screen, and yield an alert signal on the off chance that a set esteem edge will come to. Our units are commonly utilized in private, commercial, and industrial ventures.
Their voltage gives the client a comprehensive extension of timing capacities to suit different applications. We introduce it into modern and existing applications hassle-free. GEYA monitoring relay increments the control supply of anti-verse work and upgrades anti-jamming capability and utilization.

10 Million Times+ Testing
Customize Your Monitoring Relay System

Best Monitoring Relay on Market

GEYA monitoring relays were used by over a million households and businesses worldwide. With our advanced technology and high-end industry, we are able to produce the best monitoring relay on market. By keeping that in mind, GEYA also commits to continually innovating existing products that will surely suit our customer clients’ critical specifications.

Why Choose GEYA Monitoring Relay

GEYA Monitoring Relay is a total current arrangement that mounts straightforwardly to a DIN rail. It permits the client to screen the current of one circuit and switch to another circuit in case of an overcurrent or undercurrent condition. Our line insulation has a driven marker, the green driven is on when control is connected to the input terminals, and the red driven flickers amid time out and is on when the output is stimulated. GEYA offers the best quality 3-phase voltage and current devices.

Functions and Interfaces Circuit

Our GEYA Monitoring Relay has a basic function and interfaces to circuits, with an assortment of features to choose from and a low cost.

Measurement of Voltage

GEYA Monitor Relay with 18 modules and a little measure rail amount. The voltage extends of the monitor relay is AC/DC 12V-240V (50Hz-60Hz).

Equipment for Monitoring Relays

Our Monitoring Relays have control over the association of moving equipment. It gives protection against the chance of driving a load

Your Monitoring Relay Expert

GEYA is a top monitoring relay supplier in the market committed to providing nothing but the best quality components. Our device is used in small to big electrical projects worldwide. We in GEYA strive to maintain and innovate all our products to meet customers’ desired unit specifications.

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