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Advantages of Using an Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic transfer switches are getting more popular day by day. People like it, and professionals are getting crazy about it. A good transfer switch always receives the proper attention of the people. The automatic transfer switches come in handy in this scenario of using secondary energy sources to make eco-friendly choices. If you are unsure what it is and how you can use it, we have every answer for you.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

An auto transfer switch connects two electric sources that can switch to the other sources whenever needed. We all are trying to be energy efficient and have chosen eco-friendly options in recent times. In such cases, the automatic transfer switch is a blessing. You can enjoy solar energy with the auto transfer switch in just a second. Simply it helps to transfer from one energy source to another when you pause the primary one.

How Does an Automatic Transfer Switch Function?

The setup is pretty simple. It comes with an auto transfer switch, load center, power inlet box, and power cord. These many parts can make an excellent setup to transfer from one source or electricity to other. Whenever there is a power cut or a pause in the flow of electricity, the automatic transfer switch will immediately start taking electricity from another source. Some setups may lag for a few seconds, and some instantly connect to the other source. This process occurs depending on the type of automatic transfer switch and the setup.

Uses of Automatic Transfer Switch?

Since users use automatic transfer switches in an emergency, they use them in places where electricity is required 24×7. The auto-transfer switch will switch the power connection to the secondary source when the primary source is not providing electricity. Users use a solar automatic transfer switch in some places where they use solar energy when there is a power cut.

How to Identify the Right Automatic Transfer Switch?

Choosing the right automatic transfer switch takes seconds if you know the right path. First of all, check the voltage rate. See if it can manage higher voltage because it tends to rise when power sources switch. If the switch is good, it will handle that rise of voltage. In Alternating Current (AC) connections, the voltage is higher than Direct Current (DC) links, so check that out.

On the other hand, there are different types of loads. The load holding capacity also matters for the automatic transfer switch. For solar energy, you also need a PV system check. Check out these parameters, and if everything matches your requirement, that is the right auto transfer switch.

Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

Benefits of Using an Automatic Transfer Switch

* Uninterrupted power supply:

The auto-transfer switch helps connect to other power sources when the primary one is not working. That makes it power reliable. The controller will automatically connect to the secondary power source and give you a seamless experience when the power cut happens.

* Simple operations:

Once you connect the automatic transfer switch with both the power sources and make the setup, you don’t need to worry about anything. The controller will automatically receive electricity from the secondary source in power cuts. It can be a solar energy source or even a generator, but the switch will automatically function. So using this switch is pretty simple. It takes a one-time setup and works for years.

* Safe to use:

Since there are not many operations involved after setup, the switch is safe. You don’t have to touch it anytime. In addition, it is compact and automatic, making it safe to use. Of course, whenever the switch turns awful, a professional can change it, but that does not happen for years.

Available Products

W2R Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for PV

W2R Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for PV

This automatic transfer switch is ideal for using solar power. Whenever you feel to use solar energy, you can switch to that. Even if you want to install an auto-transfer system at regular time intervals, that is also possible with this switch. That is small and sturdy. You can be sure about the quality and the longevity. Check out the controller now and see how it can serve you. It can handle energy up to 400 volts and 60 Hz with AC. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a perfect compact auto transfer switch for PV Systems. You can operate it electrically or manually, giving complete freedom of using this switch.

W2R Regular Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

W2R Regular Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

On the other hand, you can’t use this regular automatic transfer switch with solar energy. So if you are not planning to switch to solar energy, you should get this one. That is compact and easy to use. The installation and maintenance are hassle-free, and it can handle up to 400 v and 60Hz AC connections. That can be your ideal auto transfer switch. Check out the products and see if it meets your requirements. The controller is compact to be used in most places and handles the power transfer process more efficiently. It gives a seamless experience whenever there is a power cut.


Automatic transfer switches are the best when you are unsure when to have a power cut. If you need an electric supply all the time, have a power backup and connect it with an automatic transfer switch. That is the best you can do. There will be not a single minute that you will not have electricity. That is best for hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses, schools, and factories. All these are possible with the help of an auto transfer switch that you can buy by visiting GEYA.net. It’s your turn to get one of them and experience seamless electricity. You cannot predict power cut, and that is why it is better to have power backup and an automatic transfer switch. So that whenever there is a power cut, the controller will connect to the backup power and keep all electronics running.

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