Molded Case Circuit Breaker VS Circuit Breaker

Molded Case Circuit Breaker vs Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers include mcb,acb and so on. the molded case circuit breaker is also called mccb breaker. Mccb is one kind of circuit breaker, used for the distribution of electrical energy and protection of the circuit and power equipment from overload, short circuit, under-voltage, and other faults. At the same time, it can also be used as the infrequent start and overload, short circuit, under-voltage protection of the motor. the current rating of an mccb is usually 800A

GEYA has 3 types of MCCB

GYCM3 mold case circuit breaker, GYCM3L molded case leakage circuit breaker, and GYCM3E electronic circuit breaker.

GEYA GYCM3-125S、GYCM3-125H molded case circuit breaker trip curve:

MCCB Circuit Diagram

Molded Case Circuit Breaker Frame Sizes:

GEYA has 125a circuit breakers,315a circuit breakers,800a circuit breakers, etc.

Click here to download GEYA molded case circuit breaker pdf

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