Automatic Transfer Switch For Solar System

dual power automatic transfer switches are newly developed miniature household power transfer switches. This switch is mainly used to test whether the normal or standby power supply is normal. When the normal power supply is abnormal, the backup power supply will work immediately to ensure the continuity, reliability, and safety of the power supply. This product is specially designed for home track TV installation and is specially used for the Pz30 distribution box.

Automatic Transfer Switch For Solar System

ats for solar system are suitable for emergency power system 400v, 60A with AC rated current of 50v or 60Hz, compact structure, reliable conversion, easy installation, and maintenance. long life. It is widely used on various occasions where continuous power failure is not allowed. It can be operated electrically or manually by ATS, and the controller

solar inverter with ats wiring mode diagram

solar ats wiring mode blog

GEYA advanced technologies solar ats complies with requirements of Low-voltage Switch Gear and Control Gearspecified by IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC60947-3: functional equipment and  transfer switch equipment

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