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Maybe you have any questions about our products, like the constituent parts and the materials from which they are made. Isn’t there an arc chambers plate in Rccb? Are there also movable and non-movable contacts? What material? silver contacts? Maybe some basic features that can distinguish a cheap electro-mechanical device from a GEYA product? Today our engineer will answer them in detail for you.

Part 1. Rccb Without Arc Chamber

As shown in the figure: the movable contact adopts the compound silver riveting point, and the static contact adopts the compound silver alloy point;

_Rccb Without Arc Chamber

Product features of our company’s GYL9 leakage circuit breaker:

1: The maximum capacity of the shell frame current is 100A;

2: It has a double return exhaust design;

3: The production capacity is up to 35mm2; the torque is 3.5Nm;

4: The company’s product series are matched and have design patents;

5: It can be matched with the company’s automatic recloser to realize the remote control function;

6: It has a fault indication function, which is convenient for line maintenance;

Part 2:About RCCB GYL9

Q: Is the device break time always unchanged no more than 0.1 sec?

A: Ordinary AC type leakage action time does not exceed 0.1S

Q: Wire connection only from the top or from both sides

A: Ordinary AC type electromagnetic leakage wiring can be connected up or down

Q: Electrical life and Mechanical life – 4000.  Is this a real characteristic? the majority of competitors indicate from 10000 and at the same time, their mechanical is much higher than electrical.

A: The technical parameters we marked are marked in strict accordance with the national standards or the parameters on the certification certificate; As for whether the parameters marked by peer competitors are true or not, the authenticity remains to be verified;

Part 3:About RCBO GYR10NM

Q: Do I understand correctly that part of this device is GYM9? the same parts and materials?

A: Yes, you can understand RCBO as MCB+RCCB. The materials used for MCB are the same

Q: Is it possible to change the handle of this device to have a shape and color?

A: The color of the handle can be changed, but the shape cannot be changed.

Q: MCB wiring diagram

A: As follows.

about RCBO GYR10NM

Q: What is the real breaking capacity 6kA or 10kA?

A: 6KA

Part 4: About GPS8

Q: The functionality is not entirely clear. Do these devices have an Alarm Log?

A: The main function of this product is to monitor the voltage and current of the line to protect the load. When the line has overvoltage, under-voltage, or overcurrent, it will automatically disconnect from the load.

Q: Is the wire entry only from the bottom? is there an option to implement a top connection?

A: GPS8 also can choose to input the wiring from the top.  U or D model

Q: What does the overvoltage category mean?

A: Overvoltage category:

It is the equipment in the fixed power distribution device, and the reliability and applicability of the equipment must meet special requirements, such as the switchgear installed in the fixed power distribution device and the industrial equipment permanently connected to the fixed power distribution device.

Q: switching off of the device with an increased or decreased characteristic for 0.5 s? Is this time permanent?

A: Yes, 0.5 seconds is fixed.

Q: What will happen to the device if the voltage is 380 volts?

A: This product is single-phase, so the highest voltage is recommended not to exceed 275V. When the voltage reaches 380V, the product will burn.

Q: Is this device protected against overheating? For example, our competitors declare that their device will turn off if the temperature inside the device exceeds 80 degrees Celsius.

A: Our products have no temperature protection. First of all, GPS8-02 has an over-current protection function, so the product will be disconnected if the current exceeds the set value.

Although GPS8-01 does not have over-current protection, its maximum load is 63A, and products over 63A will also be disconnected. And GPS8 is usually used with MCB.

Picture of William

I am William, Electrical Engineering Author. Dedicated to writing technical articles on Timer Relay, Monitoring Relay, Surge Protection Device and other electrical devices. With 7 years of writing experience, I am committed to providing accurate and in-depth expertise to my readers.

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