A Brief Introduction About MCB

A Brief Introduction About MCB

What is an Electric Arc?

Arc is a kind of gas discharge phenomenon, the instant spark produced by current passing through some insulating medium (such as air). Inside the circuit breaker, separating the contacts when the movement, when a very small distance when, a high electric field strength E (E = U / d), an arc arises. The arc will emit strong light and heat, and produce a high temperature of several dry or even tens of thousands of degrees. Therefore, a good arc partition wall and arc ignition piece play a vital role in the arc extinguishing of the circuit breaker.

How does the Arc Chute Work?

The arc extinguishing grid is one of the basic methods of extinguishing an arc. In a circuit breaker, when an arc is generated between the contacts, the arc is pulled into the arc extinguishing grid under the action of the contraction force of the magnetic line of force. A long arc is divided into multiple short arcs. Because the household voltage is constant, the arc is drawn by the grid. After being stretched, it loses the strong electric field that continues to be maintained and extinguishes, thereby avoiding the arc from causing damage. The number of pieces of the arc chute and the metal material is the key factors that determine the arc extinguishing effect. The more pieces, the longer the arc can be divided into more short arcs; the better the material, the better the heat dissipation effect, so the arc is easier to extinguish.

Why does the Circuit Breaker Heat up?

The main reasons for the heating of the circuit breaker are the overload of the switch and the loose connection of the circuit breaker terminal.

And long-term power-on use. Therefore, to ensure the normal use of the circuit breaker, it must be wired correctly, and the wiring screws must be tightened when wiring; at the same time, the appropriate rated current should be selected according to the needs of the electrical circuit to avoid long-term overload use.

G EYA GYM series products, the shell is equipped with heat dissipation strips to dissipate the accumulated heat in time, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance of the product and meet the long-term use of the circuit breaker.

How Does the Circuit Breaker Realize Short-Circuit Protection?

The short-circuit protection function of the circuit breaker is realized by the instantaneous release. When the line is short-circuited

Or severe overload, a very high current flows through the induction coil to generate a strong magnetic field. The iron core concentrates the magnetic lines around the coil. The strong current increases the magnetic force by the same multiple. The iron core pushes the lock to make the circuit breaker trip quickly and break. Open the line connection to achieve protection.

The iron core of the GEYA GYM series circuit breaker is made of special materials to ensure that the iron core is not magnetized, avoid the magnetic effect of the subsequent protection after the iron core has its magnetic force, and improve the product performance and service life.

Why Does a Black Mark Appear on the Bottom of a Circuit Breaker that Has been Used for Many Years?

When the circuit breaker has short circuit protection, an arc will be generated inside the circuit breaker, and the arc will burn the air to produce a higher temperature. Some arcs cannot be completely extinguished by the arc extinguishing grid, so the remaining arc may cause the circuit breaker shell Effects, such as high temperature burning to blacken and deformation of the outer shell, etc.

G EYA GYM series circuit breakers are equipped with an innovative exhaust channel behind the arc extinguishing grid. This channel can effectively separate and extinguish the remaining arc; at the same time, the flame retardant shell material used in G YM series circuit breakers is a new type of environmental protection material. It can effectively prevent fires and provide high-standard safety protection for families; on the other hand, it can avoid environmental pollution and meet domestic environmental protection requirements.


  1. Internal material: produced with environmentally friendly raw materials, with good fatigue resistance and heat resistance.
  2. Operating mechanism: the action mechanism is sensitive, and the circuit can be quickly disconnected.
  3. Contact with silverpoint: static contact with large silverpoint, more stable operation, and long electrical life.
  4. Heat dissipation channel: increase the arc heat dissipation channel to facilitate arc suppression.
  5. Wiring terminal: Nitriding treatment is adopted, and the mechanical strength of the terminal is higher.
  6. Stable overload: The calibration screw is fixed by plastic packaging to ensure the stability of the position, thereby ensuring the accuracy of thermal tripping.

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