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Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker Working Principle

1.Applications of MCB/RCCB with auto reclosing


MCB/RCCB with auto reclosing can be widely used in power grid terminal lines, such as meter box, solar energy circuit management, PV solar control box, smart electricity, smart home system, new energy vehicle charging pile, and so on.


2.Working principle of auto recloser

The working rule of an auto-recloser is equally simple: when a fault is detected, the breaker trips. The controller then waits for a predetermined time before reclosing the breaker. If all is well, that’s the finish of the process, but if the fault persists the breaker trips again and, after an extra delay, the controller recloses it for a second time and checks again for the continuing presence of the fault. If the fault remains present after this second recloses, the breaker trips once more.


3.Functions of automatic circuit recloser


  1. It can be matched with a circuit breaker/leakage protection switch and automatically reclose when MCB / RCCB trips unexpectedly, no need for manual closing, reduce the cost of manual maintenance, and eliminate faults in time to improve efficiency.
  2. Built-in many reclosing times, continuous closing failure within a few minutes can send an alarm through auxiliary contact.
  3. With manual / automatic selector switch.
  4. With mechanical/electronic double locking function.
  5. The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.
  6. Can match other accessories.
  7. Work status is indicated by LED.


4.Auto recloser circuit wiring diagram(Take GEYA GRD9L-R as an example)


GRD9L-R auto recloser wiring diagram

5.Installation of auto recloser circuit breaker(Take GEYA GRD9L-R as an example)


1.If auto recloser cooperates with RCCB:

First, put the linkage device into the RCCB’s handle.

Then close the upper and lower buckles to ensure that they are tightly connected.

auto recloser cooperate with RCCB2. If auto recloser cooperate with MCB

First, put the linkage device into the handle of the MCB,

Then align the small cylinder to the corresponding hole

Finally, close the upper and lower buckles to ensure they are tightly connected

auto recloser cooperate with MCB3.If auto recloser cooperate with MCB/RCCB and accessories:

First, install the MCB/RCCB on the rail

Then, install the automatic reclosing device (ARD)

Finally, install the accessories next to the ARD

auto recloser cooperate accessories

6.Operation of automatic recloser


AUTO mode, the auto reclosing function is enabled:

auto recloser modeMANU mode, the auto reclosing function is disabled. MCB/RCCB can only be opened and closed manually:

auto recloser manuWhen powered on, the green indicator will flash for 2 seconds to wait for the power supply to stabilize. Then the green indicator light will stay on if when MCB / RCCB fails to trip, the red indicator light will be on. Note that red during auto reclosing delay, the color will flash. After the delay, it will switch on automatically and the green light will be on:

auto recloser POEWER ON


Click here to download GEYA all types of auto recloser catalog PDF

Click here to download GEYA auto recloser instruction manual PDF


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